Spotlight by Otalia Causse
Shadows in the Dark by TL Westgate
#WhoWeKill by Pavel Ivanov
Falcor – Alive by Paul Jerndal
Double Tenancy by Thomas Smalley, Tess Marie Garneau
María Fernanda in time by Xavier Pijuan
Shortly before disappearing by Guglielmo Poggi
The Man With The Umbrella by Amanda Stampe Hønnerup
Dark Dreamer by Max Ponischowski
Black Air by András Gábor
The Prologue by Andy Kastelic
Golden Bloom “Searching For Sunlight” by Marylys Merida
Bad Habits by Emilios Avraam
Cinephiliac by Matthew Tichenor
On Attend by Dimitri Sterkens
I want to back home by Miguel Ángel Mengó
Perched by Liam Harris
We Light the Tradition by Roberto Pansini
Fallen Leaves by Elliot Wallis

Screenwriting Contest:

Ace and Anxious by Bri Castellini
Othello-San by Theodore A. Adams III
Voices by Susan Klos
Once there was a donkey / His ears were very big/ He didn’t like his stable / He wanted to be king by Sofia Touboura
Santa Klawn by Jeffrey Lee DuPree