My Ground by Michaël Rué
Swim by Francisco Pereira Coutinho
Knock Knock by Caleb Noel
Shine A Light by Cinnamin Stephens
Dinner Theatre by Nicholas Reece, Emily Dunn
Harevan by Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier
A Heart In Nature — Evolution Of A Man by Plamena Slavcheva
Edag Mwc by Johannes Ginsberg
Not Ready by Nella Citino
Stars by Han Zhang
Compatible by Pau Bacardit
A Christmas Carol by Luca Vecchi
Rembrandt’S Etching by Thomas Grascoeur
The Spilling by Linda Yellen
Leave by Sam Thompson
Beyond by Simon Holland
Homefront The Revolution by Hugo Guerra, Will O’Connor
Keep Going by Lin, Ya-Yu
Gonna Be A Soldier by Jonny Lewis
An Idea by Juan Paulín

Screenwriting Contest:

Far From The Castle by Julia Jansch
A Day Like This by Lisa Frasconi
Hell Followed With Him by Dallas Gibson
Bei Ihm by Amelia Gilday