The third London Indie Film Festival ended on April 11, 2017 in London. It was held at the Benihana Chelsea managed by Sono Scott and Mamoru Shoda.

Sono Scott delivered an opening speech, and then followed the showing of the films featured in the competition programme. The competitive programme of the festival included eight main nominations, and here is the list of winners:

Best Film: Double Tenancy
Directors: Thomas Smalley, Tess Marie Garneau

Best Director: On Attend
Director: Dimitri Sterkens

Best Animation: Perched
Director: Liam Harris

Best Documentary: Black Air
Director: András Gábor

Best Screenplay (Feature): Voices
Writer: Susan Klos

Best Screenplay (Short): Ace and Anxious
Writer: Bri Castellini

Best Music Video: Golden Bloom “Searching For Sunlight”
Director: Marylys Merida

Best Original Music: Perched
Director: Liam Harris

Film directors, producers, and critics from all over the world were members of the jury

We would like to express our gratitude to the managers Sono Scott and Mamoru Shoda, for professional organization of the event, and to the Benihana Chelsea for providing a place for screening.

We would like to thank all our guests  and filmmakers for taking part in our film festival. We would be glad to see you next season!